Overview : Hatton
Province : Centrol Province
District : Nuwara Eliya
Time Zone : Sri Lanka Standard Time Zone (UTC+5:30)
Area Code ( Telephone) : 051
Postal Code : 22000
Average annual temperature : 19.9 °C
Average annual rainfall : 2834 mm
Elevation ( Above the sea level) : 1,271 m (4,170 ft)
Population (total (2012) : 15,073

At The Farm Resorts;

There is nothing more restful then lounging on the hammocks and lounging on the chairs looking out to the water and rolling mountains. However, if you're feeling a little more active, fishing, boating and hikes through the neighboring tea plantations can quite easily be arranged. Also, we can arrange Kayaking. Picnic lunches. Cooking lessons, dressing up in traditional clothes.


Tea Estate Experience

Walk through the lush green tea bushes, talk to the friendly tea pluckers and observe closely how the two leaves and bud is carefully hand harvested; you can try your hand at plucking some too. Watch the tea being weighed and then transported to the nearby factory. This would be a great experience for you.

Mountain Biking

Cycling and Mountain biking in hill country is the best way to enjoy the lovely sceneries without boundaries or limits. For those seeking more of a challenge, enjoy biking on steeper trails around our area.

Boat Ride

Explore the reservoir and relax your mind in a way like nothing else. Discover why Castlereigh reservoir is that much beautiful. Nothing beats riding a boat around on the front reservoir with our friendly tour guides and enjoying the beautiful scenery..

Mountain Hiking

To be active, take a walk on steep winding mountain road, in a high altitude destination that boasts of beautiful misty mountain scenery, remarkable view of Castlereigh reservoir and deep gorges picturesque valleys, cascading waterfalls and verdant tea plantations that stretch out like velvet green carpets.




Scenic Walk

Early morning, the magical view of the reservoir and mountains covered by mist would be a real dream you can enjoy here. For the best possible exercise though, trot the 50 or so meters down to the little cove adjacent to the property and throw yourself into the cold, clear water.


We can facilitate fishing trips with our experienced tour guides upon guests' requets. Go fishing in local style and explore the views of this scenic lake, would make your holiday a memorable one.

White Water Rafting

Experience White Water Rafting in the picturesque at Kitulgaga, which is 1 hour dive(40km) from our property. The river and its surrounding will make you feel enchanted, with a memorable experience during your Tour under proper giudance and safety instructions.


Our vegetable garden is situated right behind the restaurant. It's full of Carrots, Chilies, Cabbages and green leaves. You can taste our garden-fresh organic vegetables at our restaurant.Also, you are always welcome to be with us for plucking vegetables for your own meal. This would be a memorable experience and reduce the stress too.